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Working with a life coach offers you the space and time to consider what truly makes you happy. So need to self edit or to bump up against the opinions of friends and family which may influence you in deep and unconscious ways.


Experience the relief which comes from being truly heard in a compassionate, objective way. Come away with a new perspective, tools you can use at home, and an action plan.


Single Session    60 Minutes     $125

This is a great option if you know your direction but want a sounding board to listen and reflect back an objective perspective on your situation.

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Walk & Talk Coaching    60 Minutes     $125

There is something inspiring when outside in the fresh air moving briskly. I love to walk, if you do too and would like to combine coaching or just a good sounding board with a good walk, I’m your gal.

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Three One-Hour Sessions    60 Minutes each   $350  ($25.00 Savings)

This is an option to consider when you are trying to sort through complex thoughts and feelings. Limited in between email support (M-F) can help to deepen your understanding and provide new food for thought.

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Six One-Hour Sessions     60 Minutes each   $650  ($100.00 Savings)

This option is best when its time to dig deep to identify and change what is getting in your way. You will have the time and support to break out of unfulfilling habits which prohibit your forward momentum. Ultimately, this allows you to build towards a more fulfilling life. In addition to tools and actions to keep you focused between appointments, you can draw upon limited email support too.


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