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What is a Birth Chart?


The birth chart reflects the planets in our solar system in relationship to you at birth. You are in the center surrounded by a map of what is ultimately your recipe of being. This map is awash with meaning if you know how to read it. Essentially, it is a language of symbols and symbols are the language of the soul. Your chart reveals who you truly are in the deepest way, your passions, your likes, your dislikes, your strengths, and weaknesses are there to be known and understood. In this way, you can truly know your deepest self to actualize the most authentic expression of you.


Birth Chart Reading       90 Minutes     $175

Beginning with your birth date, time, and place, I will erect your natal birth chart. Working from this map I find the life theme or themes along with the opportunities and challenges with which you were born. Together, we bring this chart to life. You will find it to be deeply validating because your experiences, both good and bad are inherent in your makeup. It liberates too.  By knowing how you are constructed and what unconscious motivations may be directing your decisions, it puts you consciously in the driver’s seat.

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Transits and Progressions Reading      60 Minutes     $100

Transits show the planetary placements at a moment in time and how they relate to the placements in your birth chart. Progressions give information about your psychological development; which, when added to transits, give deeper meaning to current life experiences. This is where specific information about relationships, jobs, family, health, and a myriad of other interests can be found. A pre-requisite of this reading is a birth chart reading as all current information relates to that.

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Relationship Reading Synastry     90 Minutes     $200

This reading delves into relationship. What you can expect to discover is how your significant other thinks and feels, and what is important to them. It also shows compatibility or non-compatibility. Two birth charts are compared and combined to see how the elements of each work together or create friction. It is necessary to have birth data on both participants. When you understand the motivations of your partner, or child, or boss, or any other relationship you wish to know more about, this is the perfect type of reading.

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