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Tarot Readings


Just as a mirror reflects your outer image, so too do the tarot cards reflect your inner state of being. Ask a question and let the cards speak to you.  Tarot Readings are available for everything from short, quick questions to full readings, discussion and analysis.  Contact me to find out which is best for you.  All readings can be done in person, by phone or Skype.

Image by Shreyas shah

Quick Reading     15 Minutes     $20

This is good for a yes/no or let’s just lay it out on the table and see what it has to say.

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Full Reading     60 Minutes     $60

Tarot is not a means of divination as much as it is a tool to see your insides reflected on the outside. It accesses your inner world. This is why it can be startling in its exactitude. The cards only tell you your own story. How do they do this? When you have a reading, the cards chosen will resonate to your energetic makeup in that particular moment. So what we will discuss is the description of the energies within you as they relate to the topic at hand, how you feel about it, how your immediate environment feels about it, and the aid or challenge you may be receiving about your question. Benefits include a deeper understanding of what you are living by linking the influences all around and how they relate to your question. You will have a greater sense of serenity after connecting with the different parts of yourself which may have conflicting agendas. Ultimately, the point is to receive guidance from your inner self. This is the self who knows intimately what you really want and need.

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Parties & Groups                             $100 per hour

Group readings are perfect for bridal events, sales gatherings, and girls nights out!  Fun, entertaining and informative, they are a unique experience for everyone who attends.  

*Travel in excess of 30 minutes is charged a travel fee.

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