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About Me

Janet Eisenberg
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Let me tell you my story...


At mid-life I fell apart and I can remember the exact moment the world ceased to make sense.

Mid-life is a strange time. The excitement of youth is seasoned with experience and dreams are peppered with practicality. What felt possible before is now re-examined through the eyes of successes and failures. Opportunities seem less abundant. The danger during this time is to shut down. Stop living. Become old. Or….Live into your truest self.


Are you widowed/divorced, under employed or being retired out? Are your children leaving home and you are adjusting to an empty nest? Are you spiritually depleted, wondering what’s the point? This is where astrology can help. Your birth chart is a recipe of YOU. It can enliven your whole life by validating who you are and pointing you in the direction of

your highest purpose.


There is a reason Astrology has stood the test of time. It speaks to your soul. Not in a predictive way but in a ‘who am I” sort of way. But like any system of greatness, it doesn’t leave you here. It moves through time. It reflects your state of psychological development and points to the stressors and advantages throughout the course of your life.

If you find yourself struggling with what’s next, or you simply want to know yourself better give Astrology a try. If you are getting married or you are in a relationship and want to understand how best to interact with your significant other, try astrology. The uses and benefits are many. Read the testimonials and see if you resonate.  Let’s talk.



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